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Telemedicine Mobisoft

Mobisoft is a well-known company providing mobility solutions to the healthcare industry. They are providing custom telemedicine app solutions for all healthcare providers. They manage the multiple aspects of healthcare operations on a single platform.
They are working for the patient, providers, and admin penal simultaneously
Telemedicine app development solution enables patients to see their doctor and leverage the expertise of specialists remotely. The patient app included
Authentication, Native apps, Brows Doctors, Doctors’ profile, book appointments, Video Consultation, Audio consultation, secure messaging, History, Reviews, and ratings
They help providers strengthen their relationship with existing patients and expand their patient base.

Custom telemedicine App Solutions
Seamless Onboarding, Create Profile, Manage Appointments, Manage Patients, Appointment Reminders, Update Availability, Share prescriptions, Integrated Billings, Answer Queries, and Monitor Feedback.
For the admin panel, they provide features for quality management
Powerful dashboard, Doctor/Provider Management, patient Management, Appointment Management, Reporting and analytics, Calendar View, and Notification Management. #Affordable Telemedicine App White Label

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