Android and Tablet Applications

Android and Tablet Applications

The pace at which App market is flourishing is furious, and such a growth by leaps and bounds encourages its scope in the coming times as well. Revenue generated by App market in 2016 was estimated to be $88 billion, and it is predicted to reach a massive $189 billion by 2020.
Such figures clearly depict the importance of App industry. We have earned pristine and spotless reputation in developing applications for iOS and MacOS which we would never spoil considering the trust and faith that we built with clients along with developing the apps.

Applications for Smartphones and Tablets running on Android Operating System are specifically designed keeping in mind their presence on the most dominan platform – Google Play Store. These applications are developed using the concurrent and object-oriented JAVA language and with the powerful, expressive and concise language KOTLIN as well. These apps designed and developed by us are a creative blend of technical solidarity and logical innovation.

The marketability of these applications is assured by following a specific procedure involving in-depth market research, thorough analysis of technology involved along with QA Testing Criteria. Such a planned and well-managed procedure leads to fruitful results every time we develop a new application. Apart from it, such an approach also assists in binding our clients with us forever as we deeply believe in the popular quote “A happy customer is an effective brand ambassador”.

We offer a variety of services for Android Apps which are listed below:

  • App Design and Development
  • App Testing and Redesign
  • Customized Apps
  • App Maintenance and Support
  • Optimization and Integration of Apps

Our confidence in Android App Development is because we are known for:

  • Our reputation as trustworthy and reliable Android Applications Development Brand.
  • Dozens of apps designed and developed by us available on Google Play Store
  • Our customer-centric approach of designing and developing Android apps.
  • Extremely reliable functionality of apps along with astounding designs, scalability, robust coding, responsiveness and error-free operations.

Our applications are never confined to mobile phones only; hence our tablet- compatible approach fulfills the need of the hour. All of it is only possible because of years of experience of our whole team. The expertise in app designing and development is a result of the never-ending efforts of each individual present at Omninos along with faith on each other, team spirit, team coordination and a punctual approach towards our work.

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