On Demand Video Streaming The New Trend That You Should Know

On Demand  Video Streaming The New Trend Of Netflix Video Streaming That You Should Know


The old concept of prime time has changed over time. Viewers today have a vast catalog of content to choose from, and there are certainly more places to watch the content, too.The viewership of traditional TV is falling apart as the OTT platform is offering high-level customization to the content browsing experience. OTT refers to over-the-top devices that use the internet instead of traditional cable TV to broadcast and watch TV content. In 2019 alone, there are over 182 million OTT subscribers in the US. In this article, we are going to discuss eight powerful trends that have influenced the growth of video streaming. From cutting-edge business models to sophisticated video streaming technologies, we will talk about everything responsible for bringing OTT to the masses.

Why You Need A Video Streaming Application And A Streaming Platform ?

Increasing Demand For Originals

Netflix changed the game by rolling out House of cards, its first original web television series. The streaming giant has put more emphasis on its programs over the last few years with over 100 Netflix originals. Orange is the new black, American Vandal, Stranger things, Russian doll, Master of none, are some of the popular Netflix originals loved by the audience. Millennials and the new-gen audience are preferring VOD streaming platforms because of the exclusive original content. 

Mobile Surpassing TV as a Primary Content Consumption Medium

Not everyone today watches TV shows on a conventional TV screen. People prefer to watch TV shows and movies on the go on mobiles and tablets. Mobile is emerging as a dominant content consumption channel. For example, a viewer who watches Game of Thrones in his TV screen while at home, whereas streams content directly from mobile devices while traveling.

AI to Make Streaming Better

The OTT industry is expected to leverage the power of artificial intelligence through recommendation engines. The recommendation engine is nothing but an AI-driven extension that keeps a tab on user activities and recommends customized content to subscribers.  This offers your subscribers with a personalized viewing experience curated by a combination of user behaviors like content browsing trend, viewing pattern, when they prefer to watch, preference of genre, etc. 

The Growth Of Niche Services

For the past decade, the OTT market has been dominated by giants like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and soon Apple and Disney will enter the scene. Recently it’s been clear that there is a real opportunity for a niche video content market. Niche platforms are ultra-specialized video-on-demand platforms that directly aim for a targeted audience. They offer independent cinema, niche sports, documentaries, fashion, luxury, children’s animated content, and Auteur cinema, etc. Niche platforms bring together active customers of similar interests around the content that excites them. Be advised that consistency and regular renewal are the keys to success for niche services if you are planning on launching your OTT Platform

Content Goes Hand in Hand With Distribution

The OTT platforms not only focus on the content but also on the distribution side. Those who benefit from the widest distribution will have better chances of winning the stream services competition. For example, Apple plans to launch its own streaming services during fall 2019. Even if it is late to the scene, it can count on its 1.4 billion devices that are already in the market and one its final resources with avid support of Hollywood studios. 

Similarly, AT&T relies on its network of subscribers to promote its warner media services that merge the HBO channel with the turner channels. To establish in the market for long term and to consolidate the business, distribution is an important aspect for OTT platforms. 

The Cloud Revolution

Till a few years back, OTT VOD  streaming was a risky affair, but thanks to the cloud revolution, new opportunities arise as cloud simplifies workflows, reduces maintenance, and seeds funding. The development of cloud solutions significantly lowered the costs associated with technical implementation. With that said, now just a 2k subscriber base is sufficient enough to cover the technical costs. This also allows broadcasters to reduce the costs and improve efficiency to a greater level. OTT platforms can be launched and grown quickly without compromising the service quality.


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Profile Settings

The user can manage profile settings to update their billing information, membership, profile etc.


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Subscription Plan

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Advanced Features Of The Video Streaming  Clone


Login /Register

A User will be able to register or Login to view the video content.


The user will be able to add videos to watchlist to see it later.

Choose Plan

The User will be able to choose a plan according to their need in our Netflix clone. They can later change the plan from the profile settings menu.

Search Video

A User will be able to search video by Name, genre or Title.



See the latest users, content and other data on the dashboard.

Manage Users

Manage user & their subscription package from the admin panel

Video Management

Upload video, banner video and ban any video if it violates the policy

Subscription Plan

View and Manage Subscription Payment, Pay per view in Netflix clone script.

Site Settings

Manage site settings, commission, PPV, Payment gateway keys etc. from the admin panel.

Manage Categories

Add/ Edit new categories. You can also add cast and crew on the admin panel of Netflix clone.


Login /Register The user will be able to register and Login to their account. They can also use Facebook and Google to directly login.

Add Items to Watchlist The user will be able to add video to watchlist to see it later.

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Manage Profile Manage user profile and preference for Netflix clone from the manage profile section

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