Okakiben - Online Food Ordering Platform

Okakiben – Online Food Ordering Platform

If you love to order food online or have a food business like a restaurant, then this is the best place to be at. Okakiben, a platform built on the script of Online Food Ordering Business, provides an opportunity for users to order food online and enjoy your favourite stuff sitting at home.
Along with providing food to users at their own locations, this application also provides an opportunity to restaurants to reach out to people even more as there are a lot of customers who do not visit new places, such customers might order food online from such places thus allowing the food spots to pull in more customers.

This platform is full of features which have been specifically designed for users, admins, restaurants and the delivery-drivers as well. This platform works on a simple yet difficult task for a network of people connected through a single platform for the same purpose.
Users need to buy food, restaurants want to sell their food, the delivery-drivers work for their income and we have created this platform to connect all such people in order to simplify the whole criteria while
maintaining work ethics.

Our product is https://www.okakiben.com/


App Features For Restaurants

  • Status Update – The restaurant can only receive a request for food order if it updates its status as Online. If the status is Offline, request cannot be made to book food from this restaurant.
  • Order Status – The status of an order can be updated by the restaurant
    such as Order Confirmed, Order Picked, Order Delivered, Order Cancelled, etc.
  • Special Offers – Special offers can be added by restaurants to lure more
    customers such as price discounts, special discounts on specific items, etc.
  • Bank Details – The bank details of a restaurant can be added directly to the app or website.
    An admin can thus transfer the restaurant earnings directly to their accounts.

App Features For Users

  • Easy Log In – Users can sign up and log in to their accounts using social
    media such as Facebook instead of using Email or Phone Number.
  • Multiple Options – Users can surf through various restaurants under various categories such as Asian, Continental, etc and order food after going through their menu.
  • Driver Details – Once the food is picked by driver from the restaurant, driver details are shared with the user as well, therefore the user can contact the driver directly for hassle-free delivery.

App Features For Drivers

  • Status Update – The driver can update his status as Online or Offline.
    Therefore, he will only receive a delivery request when his status is set as Online.
  • Income History – Complete history of a driver’s earnings can be viewed by
    him via in-built feature in this app.
  • Inbuilt Navigation – InApp Navigation System assists a driver to navigate to
    restaurants and the delivery locations conveniently.

Packages & Pricing Table

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$799starting at
    • 99% Open Source
    • No mobile apps
    • Free installation
    • —-
    • Single domain licensing
    • 2 Months free support
    • Upgrade to mobile apps
    • 2 Months Update
    • —-
    • —-
    • —-


$xxxxstarting at
    • 99% Open Source
    • Payment Integration
    • Professional installation
    • App Submission
    • Single domain licensing
    • 1 Year Tech support
    • Web & App Promotion
    • 6 Months Update
    • Rebranding or White label
    • 3 Months SEO and SEM
    • Any 1 free Addon

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