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“As the term short itself, Fantasy Sports is updated to experience the best feel of sports. It is a virtual game app (mobile app Designing ) that is played with a more guessing style. Which is also called a Fantasy Sports league, it usually offers a sign-up bonus and wins cash prizes and a lot of addiction to its participants.”

Dream11 is a name too much popular among everyone nowadays. In the league of myriad fantasy sports mobile apps designing, it is one name that has successfully carved its niche among the sports lovers and continues to do so. In simple terms, it is a fantasy sports Mobile app designing based in India that allows all users to play fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball games and wins exciting cash prizes.

This is the best Fantasy Cricket Sports app with an ability where its participants can win cash prize legally. In this app, users can also withdraw their prize money over the transfer from their Dream11 account linked with PAN card (mandatory as an ID proof) and get money into the bank account and also transfer to their Paytm and phone pay app.

 Building Fantasy Sports Market of India

It doesn’t come as very shocking to know about the importance of Fantasy Sports Apps in the country and all over the world and it has grown up really big. The industry is training up to break all the records as it comes to interesting sports participants and testing knowledge of them and skills in sports. In fact, you may never know that soon every sports league in the nation offers their very own fantasy leagues to their users, India two big leagues presently – IPL (Indian Premier League) & ISL (Indian Super League) already run their own official fantasy leagues in India.

The frenzy can be assumed by India’s first report on the progress of Fantasy Sports Industry, which states:

  • IFSG-AC Nielsen report avers 2 out of 3 i.e. 71% of the 17 crore online Indian cricket followers are aware of fantasy sports.
  • Dream11 enjoying the 1.7 crore users and with this and it also enjoying one of the biggest players in the race.
  • Difference between the 71% awareness and 10% adoption signals towards the tremendous progress potential for the industry.
  • Fast growth registered in the previous two years, from 3 million users in 2017 to 19 million in 2019
  • 91% of users play fantasy sports at least one time in the month.
  • Terms of engagement, users likely to spend 45 minutes a day playing fantasy sports apps.

Point of Business: If we search even through the business point of view, fantasy sports are a brilliant start-up idea(Mobile app designing) to invest in the nation. The business model of this mobile app proves to be powerful in terms of return and ensures earnings through the brand company, contest sponsors, advertisements, and entry fees.

Fantasy sports market all over the world

If we check past to understand the evolution of Fantasy Sports League, well it was in 1952 in the USA that Fantasy Sports came into existence. And today it enjoys 300+ operators with 57.7 million users (19% USA population). In the USA Around 70% of a male sports follower plays fantasy sports. This type of mobile app designing idea is very trending.

Few other related to Fantasy Sports trend all over the world are:

  • 51% of participants primarily use our mobile device for fantasy
  • 18 & 35 aged people playing a fantasy sports game
  • The most popular Fantasy Sports games are: Soccer, NCAA Football, Basketball & Baseball
      Fantasy Games is of few types Daily & weekly Game type scoring-based game typeDraft-based game type league-based game type       Popular Sports for Fantasy Games fantasy cricket mobile app & software fantasy soccer mobile app & software fantasy football mobile application & software fantasy basketball mobile app & software fantasy rugby mobile application & software fantasy baseball mobile app & softwareFantasy Sports mobile app for Golf

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How we can set up a Business Model like Dream 11?

By teaming up with the tremendous mobile app development team, you can make a website that easily suits to your requirements. The expert’s team will help you to create a different and unique application for your Fantasy Sports business. Choosing the right development partner is necessary to fulfilling a superior-quality apps fantasy.

Application Features & Functionality

Participant/Application user

Registration/Log-in: To register and login to the app user will use their username, email ID, contact number, password, and mention referral code (if provided by friends).

Home Screen: This is the special and default screen that the user will reach on after logging in to the app. The whole match misting is displayed here. A user can clean a search by Matches, Sports Type (Cricket, NBA, Football), Match Category (Upcoming match, Ongoing/Live match, Results). Match listing includes, Tournament Name, Team 1 (Name with Image), Team 2 (Name with Image) & Match Timing (Date & Time).

Once the participant has selected the needed match from the listing, a user will be switched to the contest screen.

Contest: In this section, user can view the whole competitors listings for the respective match with every detail like, Filter Contest By Joining Fee Range, Winning Range, Contest Type, Contest Size; then on Contest Listing includes: Contest Type, Contest Name, Joining Fee, Total winning amount of the contest, Winners Count (where user can view the winning criteria according to their rank), Total Team Count (team that can join). A user can select their needed contest and join.

Entry Contest: Under this section, the user will require to pay the separate entry fees and join the competition.

 Mode of payment: Online payment modes are given such as Credit/Debit Card, Paytm Wallet, Application wallet, Referral cash bonus points, etc.

Create your own contest: With one single click, user will be applicable to create their own contest by adding the following detail such as Contest Name, complete Winning Amount (Min & Max), Contest Size (Min 4 & Max 90), Permit multiple team (yes/no), Joining fees (Joining fee is calculated on the basis of total price amount & contest size selected), Join Contest, Here contester need to join the contest first, before creating), send Invitation to their friends to join the contest.

My Contest: Under this section, the participant will be able to see the list of joined contestants. Here she/he can see and  Edit their selected team players and filter search by Match types (Upcoming, Live, Results)

(Note: Users can only update their team players before a certain time limit before match playtime. Then it will be managed by the owner of the application.)

My Profile (Dashboard): Under this section, the user will able to see and update their profile details. This section will also include Your reward points, Account details (such as, Total balance, participant winning amount, participant cash bonus (By referral), see transaction, Manage payments, Add Cash, Withdraw winning amount (Add details of your bank account and your pan card ), Ranking (Overall ranking), My friends, Invite and earn (Explained below), Logout.

(Note: Admin will verify the account detail and update user.)

Settings (More): Under this, the user can see other required features of the app such as:

  • Invite And Earn: Under this, the participant will share the app link and app URL to their friends with their referral code. On joining the contest with a referral code-shared by the user, he/she will get a bonus amount for the same. Also, a user will get rewarded with some cash bonus into their app wallet whenever their referred friends join any contest.

(Note: Reward points and cash bonus will be managed by the owner of the system.)

  • CMS section: This section will include, About us, Help, Contact Us, Point System

                                             Admin User (Backend Panel)

Admin login: To login, the app user must fill our username and password.

Dashboard: Under this section, we can get the stats of fields, such as Total no. of Matches (Upcoming, Ongoing, Played Matches), Total no. of Contestant, and complete Earnings.

User Manager: All user accounts can be managed by the Admin, for example, Edit/Delete/Add/Active/Deactivate accounts/Block accounts.

Matches Manager: All matches of this application can be managed by Admin like Edit/Delete/Add/Active/Deactivate matches/Block accounts.

Games parts Manager: Admin can manage the game’s parts.

Contest Manager: All-match contests of the application can be managed by the Admin like Edit/Delete/Add/Active/Deactivate match contest/Block accounts.

Earnings: In this section user can see entire earnings from the application with various filters.

Mode of Payment: Different modes of payments of the application can be managed by the Admin.

Reward Points Manager: From here, the Reward Points offered to the users can be managed by Admin.

Cash bonus Manager: Admin will be able to manage the cash prizes and cash bonus offered to the contestants.

Reports Manager: Admin will be able to generate reports such as contest reports, participant reports, Match report, Earning Report, user Ranking reports.

Bank Withdraw request Manager: The whole requests from the contestant to withdraw their winning amount into their bank account can be managed by Admin. Admin also permits to: Accept/Reject bank detail, Pan card detail, See whole Contestant list (Approved as well as Rejected), transfer money to the contestant.

CMS pages Manager: The sections like, about us, Contact Us, Help, Points System can be managed by the Admins.

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Other Features:

  • Live Match Score: Users can also watch live scores for a variety of matches and sports, apart from game highlights, expert analysis, and original video programs.
  • Live Score API Integration: API of Fantasy Sports App provides an easy way to use, ready-made data for the developers that can be easily integrated their platforms.
  • CRM integration: To manage tickets, user-location, send emails, push notification the back-end service provider of this app is helpful.
  • Shove Notification: when the time comes to create a team and when the match will begin the alerts and messages are sent to the users to inform them.
  • Real-time Analytics: This technology proves to be censorious in apps like these when the user needs to catch the data in real-time. The data is always saved and modernize in real-time.
  • GPS Area Tracking: This feature of a fantasy sports app is influent in sending alerts and push notifications to the app users about the upcoming or ongoing leagues and matches in their area.
  • Custom Mail Prompt System: Inform about upcoming matches or information related to their selected players or team will be sent to the participants by custom mails.
  • Mode of payment: There are different-different types of payment modes in which users can easily make payment by using their Debit/Credit card, Net banking, etc.

Aryabhata – Leader board Architecture of Dream 11

Source Dream11

  1. To serve all requests Dream11 API is an edge service
  2. Consumed and created resources are stored to MySQL database
  3. Data is transport from MySQL to s3 via Amazon Data pipeline after the match deadline
  4. All contest-related information stored in s3 Data Pipeline
  5. SNS notification on completion of data transfer sends by the data pipeline
  6. SNS triggers a lambda feature which makes an API call to Leader board API
  7. Scheduling data loading spark job on spark cluster using Spark Job Server by Leader board service
  8. Spark reads tournament data from S3 and stored it to Cassandra after organizing. Data is ready to serve
  9. For showing contest detail views as explained earlier, Leader board service connects to Cassandra

The main things to be kept in mind:

So finally, it is a gigantic job to develop and launch a Fantasy Sports app, and one should be well informed of the outcome and feature which must not be ignored during the process. while creating such an app (Mobile app designing) we want to know idea about the thing that you must avoid at all costs so here some point is:

  • While introducing the final product, without getting an MVP (minimum viable product) It better to not go all out as our case of your marketing spends. Also, gather some positive consumer data and statistics that will prove helpful.
  • If you are not fully confident that your backside will be able to hold it, don’t spread on marketing as compelling unsatisfied users to return is way more costly.
  • If you leave your business to someone to run your business, they will just misuse your money and earn their own money, and in the end, leave your business for a better job.
  • There is nothing like ‘you will the chance if the product is introducing a little late” as it works just the way it should – eventually product comes out as a victor.
  • One more last important point, but not least, don’t let anyone compel you to splurge much more and much earlier than you should.

Some brief Information of legal aspects:

Conclusion sports betting apps heating up all over the world, it is a good respite to know that Indian legal system has clearly different fantasy sports from betting/gambling activities, considering it is a game of skill in which sports fans can make their fantasy teams by merging players, who they think will be performing better than the others in a real-field game.

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Hence, it is proved that Fantasy sports, being a game of skill, is excluded. If we study the Central Government Act, “The Public Gambling Act, 1867, comprising of 18 Sections, in Section 12 it states, “Nothing in the provisions of this Act contained should be held to apply to any game of making skills wherever played.”

Final Note: “Game of the Future” is fantasy sports and is supposed to grow at a quick pace as more and more countries are legalizing it. You may also expect it to be a bigger game than the sport itself. Since a bunch of sports tournaments is about to take place in the coming future, including the FIFA, World T-20, and ICC World Cup, this is the best time to take your lion’s share. Build a Fantasy App now and give the sports fans one more reason to play this game.

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