How To Develop An On-Demand Laundry App Like Cleanly, Rinse and FryCleaners?

Modern-day world has become dependent on a lot of resources to simply personal life; on-demand services are on top of this dependency chart. Food sector evolved in on-demand app industry at a swift pace and made the desired food available at your doorstep with just a few clicks on your smartphone. Similar was the trend with Uber and Ola cabs, making an on-demand app and helping you get a cab on demand at your own location. Other industries also followed the trend and modified their work culture to cope up with the demands of their customers through an app or website. One such tedious yet necessary task is that of laundry and cleaning, which is no more an exception in the on-demand app industry.

On-demand laundry services assist you to get your clothes washed, dried, or dry-cleaned while you can continue with your other important work or leisure activities. On-demand laundry services have been further simplified with the help of mobile applications, wherein customers can order their desired services with just a few clicks, including pick-up and drop services from their own location. Some examples of successful on-demand laundry service apps are Cleanly, Rinse, FryCleaners, TaskRabbit, DRYV, and Tide Spin.

Reasons why on-demand laundry services are flourishing

On-demand laundry services are widely beneficial not just for the customers but for the entrepreneurs as well.

  • By using an on-demand laundry service, you can get your dirty clothes picked from your location and dropped back clean just with few clicks on your smartphone. That sounds amazing isn’t it?
  • If you are an entrepreneur running a dry-cleaning business, you can grow your enterprise further with the help of your own on-demand laundry app. This “On-Site Model” of on-demand laundry service will surely lend a helping hand in your growth.
  • If you want to start a laundry business but are not in a situation to invest in machinery worth millions, you can build an on-demand laundry platform and collaborate with dry-cleaners of various areas in your city. When a customer orders for cleaning service, a vendor from that region can be intimated right away connecting them directly and you can fix your commission for different services delivered through your app. This “Marketplace Model” for on-demand laundry and cleaning services is quite meritorious as well.

Workflow of an on-demand laundry service

  • Order: A user places an order with the help of an app or website along with a favorable pickup time.
  • Pickup: The delivery team picks up the clothes from the mentioned address and take them back to laundry.
  • Laundry: The clothes are washed, dried, ironed and packed for delivery.
  • Delivery: The packed clothes are then delivered back to the customer.

How to develop an on-demand laundry application

An on-demand laundry service app is developed in the form of four sub-apps, which are a customer app, a laundry app, a delivery app, and a panel for the administrator. Let’s elaborate them further.

Customer App:

The customer app enables the users to do the following:

  • Sign-up and sign-in
  • Choose the required service
  • Enter favorable pickup and drop-off time
  • Check-out with online payment
  • Track the order
  • View history
  • Review and rate the service

Delivery App:

Once the order is done by the user, the order is received by the delivery app available with the delivery team. This app enables the delivery employees to do the following:

  • Get details about the order along with pick and drop time.
  • Confirm the order
  • Check all pickup and drop location and build a favorable route for deliveries.
  • Update the delivery status as and when the order is picked, ready, and delivered.

Laundry App:

The laundry app includes the following information:

  • Order Number
  • Service Required
  • Material Details
  • Preferred Detergent Details
  • Order Updates such as Order Received and Completed

Admin Panel:

Admin panel is the one which manages all the database and the interactions between all the sub-apps. The admin-panel controls and manages the following:

  • Client Database
  • Order History
  • Revenue Details
  • Reviews
  • Employees Database
  • Dashboard


More User-Friendly Features and Add-Ons:

  • Offer special discounts to regular customers and to the ones with bulk orders.
  • Add a reminder feature which can remind the users after a specific period of time to get their clothes cleaned using your on-demand laundry service.
  • Use eco-friendly detergents and organize a toxin-free laundry. Also, use biodegradable packaging to maintain the environment-friendly status.
  • Provide special offers to first-time users in order to connect new customers.
  • Express special care to your customers with by adding a pack of free buttons and collar stay replacements, wooden hangers, individual covers for clothes, etc.

By providing a satisfying customer experience, the users can be retained for a long duration, perhaps forever, helping you grow your clientele and consequently your revenue as well. This is the best method to rise and shine in the industry of on-demand laundry service.

App-Development Team:

This is perhaps the most critical part of an on-demand laundry service application as the app-developing team is the one on which the whole process-cycle relies. The app must be configured to all sorts of systems and software such as Android and iOS. Furthermore, the design, user interface, features, updates, etc. must be built keeping all the spheres in mind such as customers, laundry team, delivery team and admins. The app-development team can make or break the dream of a successful on-demand laundry service application,

At Omninos Solutions, our team of professionals provides best app development experience to its customers fulfilling all the requirements in the given time frame and at pocket-friendly costs as well. Contact us at info@omninos.com for more details.

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