How To Develop A Takeaway App For Your Restaurant?

There was a time when people used to visit restaurants and take dine-in services only. Also, if they wanted to take the food back home, they still had no resources to order in advance and pick the prepared food when they arrived. However, this is not the case nowadays. Technological advancements have provided us with multiple resources, and their utilization have helped various industries to grow by leaps and bounds. One such advancement is that of websites and applications, and their use in food industry has modified the way restaurants used to deliver earlier.

These days, you can either get the food delivered at home with the help of on-demand ordering apps, or order your food online and pick it from the restaurant after some time. Isn’t it amazing? Just consider a situation when you are driving back home from office, you just click a few options on your mobile app and order your favourite food from a restaurant. While passing the restaurant, you just walk in, takeaway your packed food, and return home wasting no time at all. That’s how simple the whole procedure has become with the help of takeaway apps.

Moving further, here is a brief layout for developing a takeaway app.

  • Choose an app-template which suits your business.
  • Customize the theme with your own designs, logo, colour scheme, etc.
  • Upload pictures of your restaurant, the menu and the delicious food items.
  • Add the necessary features for customers and launch the application.

Although the outline of this whole process sounds quite easy, the process at the backend is quite the opposite, involving sheer hard work for integration of required features. Some key features for a takeaway app are as follows:

  • Account Creation of Customers
  • Quick Food Ordering Options
  • Time Required for Preparation of Order
  • Easy Checkout and Payment Integration
  • Cart for Shortlisted Items
  • In-App Chat Support

Apart from these features, regular customers can be given added discounts and coupons which they can avail and remain connected with your restaurant for a longer period. When you accept the order, an automatically generated bill can be printed without any need of giving the command again. Such small yet imperative additions will make your work atmosphere more efficient and reduce extra pressure as well.

Last but not least, your takeaway app must include clear instructions to reach your location along with integrated maps and directions. A photo-gallery tab can be added to update photos of your dishes, staff members, events and of happy/satisfied customers as well which would have an extremely positive impact on new visitors. Another marketing strategy is to provide points or coupons to those who share a check-in of your location on their social media sites, spreading the word of your location further ahead.

For more information or queries or to develop a takeaway app for yourself, contact us at info@omninos.com and we would be glad to assist.

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