Developing A Telemedicine App And Factors Affecting Its Cost

The technology of Telemedicine has taken the healthcare industry by storm and every doctor and hospital is appreciating its advantages. Majority of hospitals in US have already taken up telemedicine programs. Because of huge acceptance of this treatment, the telemedicine app development has also seen a sudden boom which is here to stay for sure. However, as this trend is relatively new and therefore, has less companies in the industry with good experience about the same, building an application for telemedicine might prove to be an uphill task for many.

Here are some of the major benefits of a telemedicine app:

  • Real-Time and Quick Consultation
  • No Follow-Up Visits
  • Photo-Based Consulting
  • Video-Based Consulting
  • Online Psychotherapy Sessions
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Cost-Effective Treatment
  • Less Time-Consuming
  • Secure

It is therefore not difficult to understand why the method of telemedicine is being widely accepted and practiced. In order to develop any new app or website, client references are always required to understand the kind of app to be developed. Here are some of the most popular telehealth apps which can be explored and taken references from:

  • Doctor On Demand
  • Lemonaid
  • Talkspace Counselling and Therapy
  • PlusCare: Medical Doctor Care
  • Babylon: Healthcare and Medical Advise
  • Express Healthcare
  • Converge: Next Generation eConsult
  • InTouch Health
  • MDLive
  • LiveHealth
  • HealthTap
  • First Opinion

While developing any application, another imperative factor which must be considered is its feature-rich design. Both the clinicians and the app developers much discuss and include the following features in their telemedicine app:

  • Booking Appointments
  • Video Consultation
  • In-App Chat Support
  • Online Prescription
  • Online Billing
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Bios For Healthcare Professionals
  • Integration of Electronic Health Record (EHR)

There are some extremely critical challenges which turn up while developing a telemedicine app. Some of the major challenges are mentioned here in brief:

  • Design
  • User Interface
  • Security
  • Integration with Current System
  • Functionality of Payment Gateways
  • Working of Device Camera From Within The Application
  • Quick Chat Support Pop-Up

Considering all the above-mentioned information about telemedicine treatment and its relevant app-development, it is crystal clear that starting a telehealth business is not a piece of cake; it requires rigorous workout on research and planning along with continuous team work for successful completion and functioning of the app. Some basic points of knowledge to be gained before starting a telemedicine business can be listed as under:

  • Understand the Regulations
  • Create Strategies for Designing, Executing, Marketing and Working of App
  • Explore and Select the Right App-Development Company
  • Launching and Maintaining the App

Apart from the above-mentioned factors which must be considered before developing a telemedicine app, there is another element, perhaps equally important, on which this whole business depends. And that element is the price of a telemedicine app. It won’t be possible to mention a specific budget or cost of an app, but the factors on which the cost of a telemedicine app depends can definitely be listed down, which are as follows:

  • Technology Stack
  • Number of Features being added
  • Complexity of Features being added
  • Design of the App
  • App-Development Team
  • Third-Party Services being used in the App
  • Updating and Maintaining the App Regularly

Depending on the above factors, the cost of a telemedicine app can vary by a huge margin. Therefore, writing a tentative amount would be an illusion, not recommended at all.


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