Crowdfunding App Script For Fundraising

Crowdfunding is used to raise funds easily for any fundraising needs

Need Of Crowdfunding App

To raise your funds easily, and to manage crowdfunding for your fundraising needs, We, Omninos Solutions have developed an application for better centralizing, streamlining and to also manage the investment cycle.

Our application has optimized for the crowdfunding processes and enhances the requirements with regard to data and reporting in a data-driven market.

Business Models In Crowdfunding App

We have developed this app for  investors and entrepreneurs so that you can manage it easily

For Investors

Register Your Project

Register your project with accurate details. Right from the segments to the vision of the project.

Choose Browse Option

This feature allows you to scan through different options with headings like Arts, Music, Food, etc.

Browse Project

Browse through different projects and understand the ‘pitch’ of the project in this section.

Choose Project To Fund

Once you find the project that appeals to your calling, choose the same to start funding it.

For entrepreneurs

Choose Category

Choose the category where your project fits in, specify the industry that you wish to pursue.

Submit Your Project Details

Submit all the details about the project, such as vision, mission, road map, etc for investors understanding.

Launch Your Project

Once the submission is done, it’s time to take your project live, this will garner the much-needed eyeballs from investors.

Get Funds

Once the project is live and investors analyze the same, funds will start flowing in with ease.

How To Earn Profit with fundraising app?

how to earn with crowdfunding app

Our Packages Included

APP Features

invite people and friends

App Platforms

we will provide you this app for Android, Ios, Linux, and windows too. Depending on the need of the user, customization will be applied accordingly. The best control panel for a user which will help in many ways, whether for managing projects or posting donating funds or gaining funds all will become easy with it.

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An app that can help you in raising funds and can also manage crowdfunding for your fundraising needs. But still, there are popular apps in the world that are helping people all over the world such as Facebook, Instagram and many more. for more information about these apps please click here.

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