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Tik-Tok is one of the world’s leading entertainment and music streaming mobile apps developed by Omninos Solutions in India for both the Android and iOS platforms. Our TikTok clone application solution helps you create the best selfie video download platform for the modern generation. It has similar and additional functionality to the TikTok app. Tiktok clone is a video dubbing and sharing application software solution based on the popular commercial video dubbing application model, Tiktok. It’s a predefined solution for sharing social videos and a very powerful social media application idea. A Tiktok clone script is source code that creates a perfect Tiktok cloning application. The Tiktok clone script can be modified to add more functionality to suit your unique business model. The Tiktok clone application offers video dubbing, choosing the audio of your choice, live streaming, publishing videos, audio and video filters and many more. More functions can be added to our Tiktok clone solution.
• Scalable and Clean Design
• Multilingual and Multicurrency Support
• Discount
• Promotions
• User-friendly design for SEO
• Application Monitoring
• Chatbots
• Security

Our Tik-Tok Clone Application:
• Selfie Video Recording: This is what makes our Tik-Tok clone app a masterpiece of all other video streaming apps. Allow users to record their own videos using their mobile device’s camera to share them with other users. It basically works with lip sync for your favourite video or audio files as well as the recording themselves.
• Camera and Speed Filters: The TikTok clone has a variety of camera filters for recording videos that entice users to make more videos with different filters and it also has the function of controlling the speed of the video using the Speed option during recording as well with the file loaded. Allow users to make slow motion videos.
• Audio and Video Merging: The last option of Tik Tok is this merging of all video and audio files to create our own videos which are intended to be shared with other users for more views and likes. Where that allows people to record their self-recorded videos and download them with certain soundtrack files.
• Download Audio: TikTok allows users to download audio files from their mobile devices or any other means that can be used to merge with their video files and share them with other users to get views and tastes.
• Channel & News Feed: Our TikTok clone app allows users to start their own Tik Tok video channel where they can post their videos regularly for more views and sharing. In addition, people see your news home screen based on the channels and users they liked.
• Easily Monetized: Previously, Tik Tok was not made to monetize later based on traffic and the number of users actively using the application, now Tik Tok seems to be a very valuable business model which allows making various announcements.
• Share and Comment on Videos: The Tik Tok clone allows users to share videos with other users for more views, likes and allows them to follow the profile. It also allows users to send direct messages to users.

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