Are You Developing A Telemedicine App?

Remember To Integrate These 5 Key Features, Helpful For Both Doctors And Patients.

It goes without saying that the clinicians all over the world handle one of the toughest responsibilities which is to take care of our health round the clock throughout the year. With growing awareness of health safety and regular check-ups, the hospitals and doctors are mostly over-burdened. In such a scenario, the technology of Telemedicine has brought the much-required change in healthcare industry. Adapting to this new method of treatment has been possible because of availability of multiple resources and advancements, one of which is App Development Sector. Empowering the doctors and patients to consult online while sitting in remote areas, Telemedicine Apps have emerged as trendsetters in the medical field.

Here are Five Powerful Features which must be considered while developing an app for telemedicine:

  1. Booking Appointments

In order to enable the patients to book an appointment with the required specialists, a telemedicine app must have this basic feature of allowing the patients to fill their personal details in a dedicated section, along with their symptoms or disorders. This empowers a hospital to check its database and the available doctors, thus confirming a time slot for the patient. The appointment is then fixed with the patient, and consultation with the doctor is thus made relatively easy with the help of telemedicine app, with no more need of personal visits to the hospital. Urgent cases can be served within minutes of online appointment thus reducing the treatment time by a huge margin.

  1. Video Consultation

Telemedicine app is a two-way communication method wherein the users get to consult the required doctors, specialists and nurses very easily and comfortably while sitting at their place, rather than driving around and visiting them physically. This is only possible if this rather imperative feather of Video Consultation is integrated in the virtual clinic application. A live session can be easily scheduled with the help of this feature making the mHealth (mobile health) app beneficial for both the user and the provider.

  1. In-App Chat Support

This feature comes up as a very useful tool when the users hesitate to fill their details initially or to call and enquire for the appointment. The users can chat with an executive and clear their doubts before filling their personal information. Then, once the appointment is booked, flu-like symptoms or rather general diseases can then be consulted with the doctor in texts as well using the In-App Chat option. Moreover, the users can get the required prescriptions via In-App Chat as well, simplifying the overall consultation process at each step.


  1. Records of Health Information

This section in a telemedicine app allows the users to keep a track of their medical history. It is extremely essential for patients with long treatment to keep their medical records organized and handy all the time. This feature, therefore, becomes crucial when a doctor has to prescribe a patient only after looking at his previous medical history.

  1. Online Billing and Payment

Whenever a patient visits a doctor, consultation fee is paid in advance to book the appointment. Similarly, to book an appointment via telemedicine app, the patient has to pay the consultation fee prior to booking the appointment. The charges may vary according to the disorders and the necessary specialists to be consulted for the same. This feature in a mHealth app thus allows the doctors and hospitals to generate online bills, and the users to pay the bills from the app itself.

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