AR Video Editor SDK for Android and IOS App

We used to upload videos on different social media accounts, and most of them are edited with several types of like Youtube Clone App . These filters are already available in the smartphones and design by the developers of the company. But now, there are many types of software and apps that are used to edit the videos. All of them are fully loaded with advanced features that take editing to another level.

Here we must recommend AR Video Editor SDK app, a new but advanced technology-based application that will make editing easy and effective.

AR Video Editor SDK for Android and IOS App

Features of AR Video Editor SDK:

The main features of this software area including:

1.      Easy trimming:

You can cut the unnecessary parts of the picture with the trimmer. Some video frames required short pictures, so this feature is very useful.

2.      Add music:

You can add soundtracks from the library of the app or add from mobile, it’s your choice, but it will make your video more interesting.

3.      Slow Motion:

Toad some exciting features and creativity, you can use slow motion features in it. Moreover, you can also make it even funnier with a fast motion feature.

4.      Merging any Video:

Other apps can’t add other videos, but it’s not impossible for AR Video Editor SDK App because it will allow you to add several videos and make it one.

5.      Some Audio and Special Effects:

Today, we only consider the application that has more filters to utilize and AR Video Editor SDK comes with many useful filters. These filters can improve the video quality and provoked you to create some fantastic videos. Same for the Audio, you can mix any audio and add in it.

6.      Add Emojis and strikers:

You can add more character and humor in your video with the help of different speech bubbles, stickers, and emojis, etc. After full editing, you just need to add some loveable or original text, and you can add them in different sizes, colors, and different effects with the ADD TEXT feature.

7.      Create an exceptional Collage:

After all the editing, if you want to make a collage, you can do it, and surprisingly, you can add some more filters, if you wish. AR Video Editor SDK App can make it possible for its user.

AR Video Editor SDK for Android App

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