7 Important Features For An On-Demand Laundry And Dry Cleaning App

A lot of businesses around the world are evolving into on-demand service providers changing the traditional methods of work and adapting to the new-gen requirements. One such major revolutionary change has been brought by the on-demand ordering and delivery apps in a variety of sectors such as food, taxi, groceries and laundry.

Every industry has specific demands and requirements of customers which must be fulfilled in order to be successful. With widespread acceptance of people for the development of on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning apps, it becomes essential to understand what kind of features must be integrated in such applications so that these can be successfully accepted by the masses just like Cleanly, Rinse, DRYV, etc.

Let’s quickly check out the top 7 features of a successful on-demand laundry application.

  1. Sign-Up and Log-In Page

Log-In page is the first interaction of an app with its user. If you can bind the users in this first step, it can leave a lasting impression on them. Therefore, your on-demand laundry app must have a simple yet attractive registration page with an option to sign-up using social media accounts as well, such as Facebook.

  1. Easy Ordering and Payment Options

An on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning app must have easy and clear options of ordering for the customers, so that they don’t get confused at any step. Moreover, while checking out, integration of multiple payment options such as debit card, credit card, net banking and eWallets will also prove to be very helpful for the users.

  1. Real-Time Tracking

Integration of GPS tracking system withing the app is a standard feature nowadays. It helps the users to track their order at every step after the order is picked-up till the time it is delivered back safely.

  1. In-App Chat Support

This feature is mandatory in your application as it assists the users to ask and clarify their doubts on the spot and avoids unnecessary delays or cancellations from the customers’ end.

  1. Order Cancellation

This feature proves to be handy when customers change their mind and feel like cancelling their order. A single click helps them through, and in-app notifications inform the delivery team as well about the cancellation.

  1. Special Offers

This in-app feature helps to attract customers and to retain the regular users as well. New users can be offered a one-time discount while regular users can be offered continuous discounts at a minimum order of a specific amount, along with complementary washing and dry cleaning of some clothes.

  1. Feedback and Rating

Feedback is the best way to improve. Allowing the users to rate and review their orders helps the platform owners to know whether the operations are going smoothly or need improvements. It further helps to provide better and positive experience to the customers.

For more information or to develop an on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning app for yourself, contact us at and we would be glad to assist.

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