5 Most Popular On-Demand Laundry Service Apps – Taking Care Of Your Laundry Bucket, Relieving The Stress Of Washing That Dirty Pile Of Clothes

Life seems to be unfair at times, bringing a lot of unexpected challenges whether you are at work or at home. Just when you feel free from one task, another task comes out of nowhere messing up your free time back and again. But there are positive sides of the same life as well, wherein it blesses the world with enough resources such as gadgets and robots to tackle those unpredicted hurdles. One such never ending challenge is washing your clothes after every few days, and although technology has blessed you with washing machines and dryers and walk-in laundry services as well, there is one more advancement easing up the task of washing clothes even further – the on-demand laundry service application.

Just like ordering food from your phone, you can now order laundry services from your phone as well and continue with your work while the delivery team picks your dirty clothes and drops them back clean. Here are top five on-demand laundry ordering apps simplifying your lives with their easy and comfortable functionality.

  1. Cleanly

This on-demand dry cleaning and laundry app is exclusively available on iOS but operates from its website as well. Cleanly serves for order starting from a minimum of $20. In these tough times of COVID-19 pandemic, laundry can also be gifted/donated to the doctors and nurses through Cleanly.

  1. Rinse

This app is available on both iOS and Android with a special feature of Rush Delivery for those customers who need the laundry urgently. A small extra charge gets the desired work done quickly.

  1. FryCleaners

The work flow of this on-demand laundry service is quite similar to the ones discussed above. In case of urgency, an option of overnight cleaning is also available in FryCleaners. While a minimum order of $30 is required for this service, any order less than the said amount is catered at an additional charge of $4.

  1. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a general service-based application which diverts the order of customers of a specific area to the laundry providers of that area. According to the company, all the people available for work via this app are appointed only after personal interviews and proper background checks. The laundry expenses differ according to regions and service providers.

  1. Tide Spin

This on-demand laundry service is relatively newer but one of the biggest and most trusted as well. Tide Spin works in Chicago only, working in the northern region on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and in the southern part on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. All orders take a maximum of 2 business days to deliver.

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