Swift or Objective-C: 5 Reasons Why Swift Overweighs Objective-C

Swift or Objective-C: 5 Reasons Why Swift Overweighs Objective-C


Swift and Objective-C are considered as the best Programming Languages for Apple Operating Systems. It’s not that these two conquer the world of languages since long; a lot of languages emerge along the passage of time considering the overcoming of previous shortcomings but as the world is based on survival of the fittest, better languages supersede the weaker ones and pop-up on top.

Following a similar trend, these languages made their way up to the top but a conflicting thought about which one is better still exists in the industry.

Let’s discuss over a few points comparing both the programming languages:

1. Expectation From Programming Languages

Programming Languages, more specifically in case of the renowned brand Apple, are expected to be extremely quick, responsive, efficient, expressive and comfortably manageable. Considering all such traits to be essential for any
language, Swift supersedes Objective-C from all perspectives.

Swift is considered as the future and its technical advancements helped it to be placed in the top programming languages of 2018. It is the fastest growing language leaving behind Python and Objective-C. Swift is now backed by most of the developers worldwide along with its more capable design and structure.

2. Minimal Coding Efforts and Issues

Swift is backed by its inline support due to which it is able to provide a code which is easier and lesser prone to errors. Moreover, Swift requires very less number of codes as the classes are not bifurcated further into two parts; this makes the handling part a piece of cake.

What’s more is that the Type Interface feature of Swift assists the developers to reduce the number of mistakes and thus makes the language safer and easier to be programmed. Objective-C uses the null pointer concept which has also been kicked out by Swift.

3. Faster App Development and Lesser Maintenance Efforts

Objective-C was recorded to be 2.8x faster than Python but Swift proved to be really swift with its speedier record of 3.9x faster than its rival Python. Swift is thus a faster language leading to quicker app development with its use.

As two different files are required to be managed in Objective-C, Swift files demand lesser maintenance as there is no need to manage two separate files here.

4. Quicker Updates and Higher Level of Security

As discussed earlier, Swift coding is simple in its operation handling the codes in a single file namely .swift, therefore it becomes easier for the iOS developers to update existing coding in accordance with the current demands of the industry.

The security framework of Swift is far more superior comprising of multiple APIs leading to better security features in not just the development process but the end product as well.!

5. Swift Developer costs less!

Considering Objective-C as a more sophisticated programming language, its developers put in more efforts seeking more money as well. On the other side, Swift is the language in vogue which is easier and hence attracts more developers gaining expertise over the same.

Therefore, the cost tagged with Swift language is less by a huge margin. All in all, we conclude and recommend Swift as the modern-day programming language for iOS which clearly seems to be better than its other rivals.

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