10 Most Popular On-Demand Food Ordering Apps In The World

The world has grown incredibly in every available sector and the biggest reason for this growth is the rapid progress in technology. With the help of technology, every business has become capable of multiplying its potential and reaching out to far more number of customers than ever possible with traditional means. One such industry, evolving at a rather fast pace, is food industry. And with the use of technological advancements, food is now available at your doorstep instead of you going out to its makers to purchase it.

Gaining popularity in the global market is not so easy, but on-demand food delivery apps have made it happen, and are in vogue globally because of all the benefits and no drawbacks at all. Here is a brief introduction of ten most successful food delivery applications throughout the world.

  1. Zomato
  2. UberEats
  3. FoodPanda
  4. Swiggy
  5. DoorDash
  6. Deliveroo
  7. GrubHub
  8. Just Eat
  9. Domino’s Pizza
  10. Postmates

Well, it is worth giving a thought what makes these food delivery apps so popular, that too not just in one city or nation but all around the globe. Here are some of the main reasons for their popularity:

  • All your favourite eateries and their delicacies are available at one platform.
  • Menus and availability of items are easily accessible and clearly visible.
  • Options for both home delivery and takeaway are available.
  • You can track your order real-time from within the application.
  • Restaurants can boost their sales by giving special discounts.
  • Customers can compare prices and order less expensive meals with the availability of multiple restaurant options for the same food that they want to have.
  • These food delivery apps are available on both Android and iOS.
  • Users can become premium members by paying specific annual charges, and can then avail more discounts on these apps for one full year.

Along with the above benefits of food ordering apps, the following in-built features of these applications act as icing on cake and provide extra comfort to the customers.

  • Easy Account Creation of Customers
  • Quick Food Ordering Options
  • Visibility of Time Required for Preparation of Order
  • Easy Checkout and Payment Integration
  • Cart for Shortlisted Items
  • In-App Chat Support

After going through this brief elaboration of top 10 food ordering applications and their important features, you must be thinking of trying them in case you have not used them yet. It is high time to download these apps from your App Store or the Play Store and get going. And well, those who use these apps regularly, are surely going to have their own happy experiences to share.

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