Hazir – Uber Clone Script App

Hazir – Uber Clone Script App for Sale

If you are looking for Taxi App Sale or buy an Uber Clone Taxi booking App, then you are at the right place. We are selling our Hazir App.

Hazir is an application based on Uber Clone Script/App for sale in India which has been developed to simplify the already ongoing trend of online booking of cabs. With this application, features such as real time location of cars and drivers, pick-up and drop-off locations, cancellation details, alerts of events, updates and 24×7 customer support are readily available.

This taxi app for sale is feature-rich platform provides an amazing user experience because of its tap and ride quick response procedure. Moreover, the features available on this platform are not just focused on the travelers but on the drivers too as they also need an equally good platform functional enough for their utilization in everyday work routine.

The peer-to- peer ridesharing platform can be made functional in any part of the world considering its usage over the internet. The script can be designed, developed, customized and updated according to the need of the hour and thus provides enough flexibility and scalability for a long-term vision.

How easier you can Search and Hire Driver in this Uber Clone App Script ?

A Software can bring a revolution like Uber App bring revolution in Driver Hiring and Cab Booking. As you already know Cab / Taxi Industry is currently going from traditional approach of hiring to Technological Process based on the Uber and Lyft successful Business idea’s due to indefinite demand and usage of the Taxi’s and Cars. Best Brands in Taxi App which comes in night i.e Uber, Lyft, Taxiforsure and Ola has taken the place of Tradtional phone call bookings and the issues in the tracking of real time locations of the driver Using Best and highly strong feature of GPS and MAP integration of iOS and Android Devices. Some of the companies started using 3rd Party GPS Tracker Devices by placing them on the Car’s and Trucks and asking us to make custom apps for them.

Taking an Uber/OLA cloned apps is next Level Step which bring revolution to your Services and can offer you a great idea for startups. Buying Uber clones script for iOS and Android with your own custom logo’s, color theme and Payment Gateway of your local location can turn’s your idea into a billion dollar industry amicably! Investing of your hard earned money into an uber clone is an fantastic step which you will not fail, as countries and Car are profiting since it is high on demand.

Due to this we built this Hazir App Uber Clone Script after a dedication of years an real time location tracking based on demand taxi booking application and this is for business enthusiasts to grab your customised iOS and Android Uber clone with a different and easier UI and User Experience in this peak demand based Taxi Booking iOS and Android Application.

So Hazir is a complete readymade uber clone script with iOS, Android, Website, Web Admin Control Panel that contains all the features of unique taxi booking app script to enjoy with your local customers, and Taxi drivers clients with the best of its decent to beneficials clients right on nail of the demand. Hazir is a strong on demand online cab booking services based product developed using Swift on Apple xCode and JAVA using Google Android Studio. It provides complete source code, knowledge Base that is fully commented source code, whose amendment can be done by any experienced Developer.

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Book your Ride Now OR Schedule your Booking

  • Type your Drop Location ( on Typing you will get the nearest possible suggestions ). Confirm your Drop Location and in the background application will be real time tracking the nearest available driver with high Rating..
  • User can also Change Pick Up Location to boost their Pick Up location better for the Driver to understand his location ( App Behave’s like a Human ).
  • Users can also do a pre booking and can schedule a ride whenever they want to use the Ride Later feature in Hazir Taxi Booking application & based on the best availability of the Driver both will be notified & the request is sent to the driver to accept the Ride to have it.

Add Payment Method

  • User can add their Debit/Credit Card as a Payment Option. Along with Payment Via Debit or Credit Card we can integrate PayPal Option as well.
  • User can also choose CASH Option in the beginning, which can be accepted as a Cash mode of payment.

Wallet Option

  • Driver arrives Passenger’s Pickup, begin the Trips and get paid on the app by the Passenger
  • The system will keep 20% of the Trip fare as the commission. This rate can be configured by the admin
    Passenger and Driver deposits real money to their balance via Paypal and Stripe (Credit card)

Instant Notification/Reviews

From the Application, users whenever start to place the booking request then instant notifications will be triggered to all the available drivers which are nearest to each other.

  • These notifications will be triggered real time based availability
  • So we are utilising the server space by in-app notification services users/drivers will alerted with their booking ride status.
  • From the app once the user requests for a Driver, the nearest driver will be notified to the drivers immediately and no matter the driver is sitting free and chatting on WhatsApp or using Facebook or playing any Game.. They will got the notification and once they accepted the Ride they can pick up the customer and earn Money..
  • In Ride Booking Systems and to build up Trust, Ratings and Reviews plays very crucial role, High Rating will provide confidence to Customers allow users to rate their rides and write reviews helps new customers to know about the driver for future rides.

Rider History/Verified Riders

Rider History/Verified Riders Past Booking and Payments

  • From the App users can see all the past taxi rides done the booking history option available on the app.
  • Users can also do ride’s booking again from the previous rides using the Ride Again feature inside the App and in the Ride History where the past complete information of rides available as well.

  • Riders are verified at the signup using the Mobile Number OTP verification or Facebook account kit, Driving license, National ID. OTP’s will be sent every time when a booking is done.

  • In Ride Booking Systems and to build up Trust, Ratings and Reviews plays very crucial role, High Rating will provide confidence to Customers allow users to rate their rides and write reviews helps new customers to know about the driver for future rides.

Social Login as Customer and Driver

  • To make the user registration process smooth, proactive and efficient and much easier, we have placed option to direct Login in the App using your Social Media logins which is biggest factor that brings high level of promotions.
  • Customers can do instant login to the app using their social media accounts like Facebook, Google+.
  • We also added Inbuilt Social Sharing and & Social Invitation features which is available within the app for the users to share the app with their friends, family or companions.

Social Invite for more than 10 social media’s

  • Users will be prompted to enter an emergency contact number which will be available in the user’s profile for any emergencies.
  • Inbuilt Share & Invite features are available within the app for the users to share the app with their friends, family or companions.

SOS/Emergency Contact

  • Users will be redirected to enter an emergency contact number which will be available in the App in the Help section all the Time.
  • In case of any sort of problem or emergency, This feature helps the user by just pressing the alert button whenever required then location details will be shared with their emergency contact or helpline instantly along with real time current location tracking which can be also sent to Police as well.
  • For the better use of it we have Alarm, Panic, SOS button will be available at the top right corner of the User’s in app Google real time map navigation page.

Real Time Tracking Based Fare Calculation

  • Hazir offers a well detailed real time location tracking based option that’s available to track their real time ride status using Google MAP and GPS coordinates movements along with per minute additional and wait in turn by turn navigation by using in app GPS feature.
  • Hazir is developed with another core feature that the users to get a rough idea of how much would it cost for the ride based on the Car Chosen average approximate distance multiplied with rate per miles/kms, even when the real is not even started so that rider can plan budget accordingly.
  • Users may check the fare estimation by Tapping on the Different Rides available options which will be by just entering the from and to address of the ride, helps to know the approximate fare for their ride.

Live Navigation of the Customer Locations

  • Live Navigation based on the Google and MAP will show the drivers who travel in the directions to pick up the user’s without any knowledge of the user location as a famous place however application will be show nearby well known place to help him to reach exact user location.
  • The cab driver will be also able to track their current and upcoming ride status in direction i.e turn by turn navigation by using Google or Apple MAP app navigation system, so that they may not get lost somewhere.
  • Live GPS and MAP Navigation allows drivers to track where the current user’s location is, pinpointing their exact location in Google Maps.

Driver Earning Reports Section and Past Ride History of the Drivers

  • Money revenue is the very important and crucial factor of the driver side and the Purpose of the Application we designed this phase in that Way. Hazir provides a driver with the clear status of their earnings in detail within the app itself, along with Pending and earning value’s.
  • Hazir store’s all the done driver rides in the Ride History page along with Upcoming and unfinished Rides.
  • Ride history functionality in the core feature of the Taxi App script which is the special factor for the taxi owners to know the complete information of done rides and the payments made effortlessly.

Driver Profile Verification and Document Submission

  • Driver need provide and submit all their information of License, Insurance and Vehicle papers, along with National ID proof accoring the Nation Rules and regulations that need to be submitted within the app.
  • Once the Documents is submitted through the app as whenever the driver wishes to submit, only after that he can claim the First Happy Ride.
  • After the uploading and the submission of documents it will be verified by the owner of the site through the Admin panel.


Drivers and Taxi App Owner Earn revenue by setting up fees in two ways either by taking flexible Commissions to drivers or taking commission by asking them to add Money in the Wallet, so it is pretty much according on their hierarchy or ride categories. We can easily Add fixed or percentage wise commission rules. Add tax rules and easily calculate total commission on every booking. Admin may earn commission on each ride without investing in inventory and earn commissions effortlessly.


User-Centric Features

  • On-Demand Availability
  • Quick Response
  • Availability of Scheduled Bookings
  • Cab Tracking
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Multiple Vehicle Options
  • SMS and Email Alerts
  • Ride Estimate
  • Arrival Time Auto-Estimate

Driver-Centric Features

  • In-App Availability of Payment Details
  • In-App Navigation System for Pick-Up and Drop
  • Immediate notification about new ride request
  • Bank Account can be connected directly to the app for direct transfer of
    earnings to the driver account.

Mobile App Features

  • Availability of live tracking for both user and driver for their ride status
  • Scheduling functionality in order to book the cab for a specific time
  • Promotional codes and discounts can also be assigned to users to lure them
    towards regular usage of this platform
  • User Wallet option is also available for more convenient payment of rides
    wherein you can transfer and keep your money to pay for a ride whenever
    you avail it without paying it in cash or any other payment mode.
  • Surge feature provides higher rates during nights and peak hours which
    boosts the cab drivers to move towards such areas instead of running awa
    from them.

Packages & Pricing Table

Pricing section for your product


$799starting at
    • 99% Open Source
    • No mobile apps
    • Free installation
    • —-
    • Single domain licensing
    • 2 Months free support
    • Upgrade to mobile apps
    • 2 Months Update
    • —-
    • —-
    • —-


$xxxxstarting at
    • 99% Open Source
    • Payment Integration
    • Professional installation
    • App Submission
    • Single domain licensing
    • 1 Year Tech support
    • Web & App Promotion
    • 6 Months Update
    • Rebranding or White label
    • 3 Months SEO and SEM
    • Any 1 free Addon

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